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Saving Santa: Affordable Gifts for the Athletic Child on Your List

Posted by on December 17, 2019 at 7:35 AM

In case you haven't heard, Santa Claus is coming to town. And he's coming fast. Unfortunately, Mr. Claus does not always have the budget to buy big-ticket items for everyone on his list. When this list includes kids on the move, shopping is exponentially more difficult. Never fear, however, because the elves have a few ideas that can help you wrap up your shopping on a budget without feeling like a total Grinch in the process.


Experiences to Something New


The best gifts for children of any age, stage, or ability are those that let them experience something new. Perhaps a pair of rollerskates and some hands-on lessons ( Skating is a full-body workout that can be done alone or with friends. Plus, it’s fun. If the weather turns frightful, you can still give active children an opportunity to move their bodies. The Canyons Climbing Gym in Frisco offers day classes for use for $12 or a monthly membership for around $50 ( Younger kids and those who are afraid of heights might feel more at home at a trampoline park or inflatable play center. If you have multiple kids to buy for, most indoor areas will let you buy a party package, which might include several hours of facility use. Booking a party is a good call when you have a large family with many nieces and nephews.


Use a Macy’s Discount to Save on Sneakers, Hoodies, and Sportswear


Kids love to showcase the latest fashion, and athletic wear is in vogue. Brands like Champion, Adidas, and Nike are in high demand and may be the most welcome presents under the tree this season, particularly for middle and high school students. You can find athletic wear at Macy’s ( and often at a highly discounted rate. Further, look to sites like Rakuten ( for Macy’s promotional codes, current coupons, and even cash-back opportunities to help you fit more in your sleigh this season. Winter is also a great time to score deals on baseball and football merchandise. So, visit your local Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, or other athletic retailers to see what they have on the clearance racks.


Tech Accessories


An activity tracking watch also makes a great gift for kids, whether they are athletic or more video-game oriented. Macy’s and other retailers carry these, but you may also be able to find a great deal on a device if you have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Blue365 is an innovative wellness program that can help you fill stockings with FitBits for as little as $55.95 ( Back to the gamers on your list, they aren’t left out in the cold either, and gifts like the Ring-Con for Nintendo Switch can help them burn calories in front of the TV screen ( Another popular fitness game is Dance Dance Revolution, which remains available on a number of different systems (


The Great Outdoors


Have a budget that equates to approximately $0.00? That’s okay, too. There are plenty of no-cost options that will provide your recipients, from toddler to teen, with many priceless memories. A day hiking, fishing, birdwatching, or simply stargazing on a mild night are all excellent (and free) ways to connect with the children in your life.


Christmas is big business, with Americans spending around $465 billion each year, but you don’t have to have a huge budget to give gifts you can be proud of. Gifts of experiences are always welcome. When you do want to wrap your gift up with boxes and bows, there are plenty of ways to find great deals on all the things you need to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Written By: Anya Willis

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